We’d love to host your school or group’s next day outing! Berg River Resort is well suited to these occasions due to the wide open spaces and facilities.

Filling in application form

  1. The group application form must be completed with all the details requested, including 2 contact persons with their contact details. They must accompany the group for the entire time that they are in the Resort.
  2. It is essential that the resort is able to communicate with them at all times.
  3. If contact details are incorrect the booking will be cancelled without any further notice.
  4. Please give correct number of people. We need to accommodate groups according to numbers.
  5. Please confirm all information 7 days prior to arrival.

    I have read and accept resort rules and waiverI have read and accept terms and conditions

    General Information

    1. A group application form must be completed and once approved a deposit is required to confirm the booking.
    2. To facilitate the group entry into the resort a guest list and vehicle registration numbers are required with the proof of payment.
    3. Guests whose names are not on the list must pay their own entry fee.
    4. The group administrator,responsible for the group, must present the proof of payment and pay the deposit before any group members are able to enter the resort.
    5. The group administrator must present themselves at reception by 8:00 on the day of the booking to ensure a place.
    6. Group arrival time is from 8:00 and departure time is 17:00.
    7. Busses must stop at the reception where the guest numbers will be confirmed by one of our staff members. A parking space will be allocated.
    8. STRICTLY No taxis, minibuses or motorcycles will be admitted or allowed to drop off people and leave. ALL vehicles have to stay with the group for the entire period of their visit.
    9. Sun umbrellas and gazebos are allowed around the pool.
    10. Only proper swimming costumes are allowed in the pool.
    11. There are no permanent lifeguards on duty. A lifeguard/s will be arranged based on the group size which is for your account.
    12. Games are allowed on the lawns between the hall and the waterslide and not around the swimming pool. No tubes are allowed in the pool.
    13. Please refrain from behaviour which could cause injury to yourself or other guests.
    14. No music is permitted.
    15. No alcohol may be consumed in or around the swimming pool areas. Also no glassware in the river or pool.
    16. On arrival each group may choose the area they prefer.


    1. The group administrator must pay for the whole group.
    2. The group administrator must produce the proof of all monies paid.
    3. A 50% deposit is required to confirm the booking and the balance is payable on arrival.
    4. A cash deposit is payable before or on arrival. The deposit is fully refundable if the resort rules are adhered to.
    5. The group administrator is refunded this deposit when the group departs timeously.